Shore-based Ship Management

Many shipping companies manage their own ships and control all aspects of ship operations. There are also ship management companies that look after ships on behalf of the owners and carry out all of the management and control functions for them. Ship management activities cover:

  • Fleet Operations
    Fleet director (Commercial / Technical / Manning / Quality Assurance), fleet manager, fleet assistant staff

  • Logistics Co-ordination and Training (Fleet Personnel)
    Personnel Manager (Human Resources Manager), Training Manager (Head of Training), Personnel Officer, Training Officer

  • General Operations
    Operations Manager (Safety Manager, Quality Manager), Safety Officer (Quality Officer)

  • Marine Operations
    Marine Superintendent, Marine Technical Assistant

  • Engineering Operations
    Engineering Superintendent (Technical Superintendent), Assistant Engineering Superintendent (Assistant Technical Manager), Engineering Technical Assistant

Wider Maritime Sector

Seafarer expertise and experience are highly regarded throughout the world and your qualifications are internationally recognised, so there need be no limit to your ambitions. Some seafarers spend their whole career at sea whilst others choose to advance their career ashore either in shipping companies or in a host of other marine industries or sectors where their skills and experience are in great demand.

Typical shore-based posts include:

  • surveying ships to check seaworthiness
  • ports and harbour management and pilotage
  • lecturers in colleges/universities - training the seafarers of the future
  • maritime regulatory authorities
  • ship repair and marine equipment production management
  • marine insurance
  • ship-broking and finance
  • ship classification
  • maritime law and arbitration
  • offshore exploration.