Our Vision is to be recognized as a leading, innovative, dedicated and practical education provider in the maritime industry.

To make AEMA the best institute in the world.

Our Mission is to educate and train to the highest standards in the maritime industry, making learning enjoyable and effective in the workplace.

At Anglo-Eastern Maritime Academy we strongly believe that training of the entry level cadets is one of the most critical factors in achieving a safe, economical and profitable operation of a vessel.

We want the young generation seafarers to be better than us. They are our future.

At AEMA, we conduct three entry level maritime courses - all have been developed in close consultation with shipboard officers, ship superintendents, ship operators and maritime regulators. These courses bring in a large element of practical knowledge and shipboard case studies to enhance the application of the knowledge in a real ship type environment.

Every classroom has network and internet access. We also lead the State with the introduction of Interactive Whiteboards in every classroom. Both of these support the development of interactive learning environments and promote high levels of academic engagement in learning tasks.

Our academy has well-established committees run by students. With our large, spacious and attractive grounds, we are the envy of many academies.

The grounds are used to good advantage in our many programs designed to improve basic skills and ‘future’ skills in meaningful ‘real’ ways.

AEMA website shall provide you information on the various entry level courses that we conduct. In case you require further information, please feel free to contact us anytime.