What is Merchant Navy?

The Merchant Navy is the name given to the commercial shipping industry. It comprises of shipping companies that own and manage a wide range of different types and sizes of ships. A merchant vessel operates worldwide and includes:

  • some of the most prestigious cruise companies in the world
  • containerships carrying a variety of cargo
  • high-tech ferries carrying millions of passengers each year
  • high-quality oil, gas and chemical tankers of all sizes
  • modern bulk carriers carrying ores, grain and coal
  • specialized vessels, including support for the offshore oil and gas industry

Why should you pursue a career in Merchant Navy?

Apart of a promising career, Merchant Navy ensures:

  • you are paid while you learn
  • you get the chance to travel the world at your company's expense
  • time off is quality period measured in weeks and months - not just days
  • your life at sea is challenging and rewarding
  • you can quickly rise to the top and gain responsibility, respect and a salary to match
  • there is a lifetime of personal development opportunities post life at sea

What is AEMA’s role in Merchant Navy?

To become a merchant seafarer you need to undergo specialist training to achieve professional seafaring certification and educational qualifications. This takes place at sea, on board shipping companies' vessels, and in specialist colleges and universities.

Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy helps you achieve the skills, knowledge, qualification and certification to be the best human resource on board a merchant vessel.