Our Vision

Our Vision is to be recognized as a leading, innovative, dedicated and practical education provider in the maritime industry.

To make AEMA the best institute in the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to educate and train to the highest standards in the maritime industry, making learning enjoyable and effective in the workplace.

Our Management

Marcel Liedts
Group Managing Director

Learning continuously and applying the knowledge to improve our performance is a necessity in our business.

Mr. Bjorn Hojgaard

We now have full control of the quality of our crews, from graduating High School to getting their Master's and Chief Engineer's ticket.

Capt Pradeep Chawla
Director QA & Training

Quality is a constantly evolving habit at Anglo Eastern Group. Through AEMA we hope to reach out to all our young people and train them for a successful career at sea.We would welcome any ideas that you may have to improve our academy further.

Capt K. N. Deboo
Director & Principal, AEMTC

At Anglo-Eastern we strongly believe that training of the ship staff is the most critical factors in achieving a safe, economical and profitable operation of a vessel.