AEMA – Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy, Karjat Campus

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AEMA – Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy, Karjat Campus


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AEMA Inauguration Ceremony Brochure (File size 5.3MB)

AEMA Common Prospectus - DNS / GME / ETO

AEMA Common Prospectus (File size 8.9MB)


AEMA Fee Structure

AEMA DNS - Batch 13 (February 2016): Fee structure (For Boys) (File size 1.1MB)

AEMA DNS - Batch 12 (August 2015): Fee structure (For Girls) (File size 1.1MB) 

AEMA GME - Batch 19 (June 2016): Fee structure (File size 0.9MB)

AEMA ETO - Batch 5 (June 2016): Fee structure (File size 0.9MB)


AEMA Joining Instructions:

Joining Instructions

1A Course Entry Form

2 Pre-joining Declaration for Trainees

3 Course Expectation Form

14 Undertaking by the student being enrolled

15 Indemnity letter

16 Safety and Security Information Declaration

FAQs - Deck Cadet

FAQs - Engineer Trainee

Homeward Bound

Proud To Be A Mariner

Seaward Bound-Vol-04- 23th Nov-2015

IMO Video:A Career at Sea





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